Photog Adventures Podcast Episode 82 - #TheGreatMilkyWayChase Salt Flats Selfie Panorama.

PODCAST 100: Jeff Harmon & Admins join us to celebrate 100 Episodes! Sharing Mis-Adventures & Images

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Upon the huge milestone of 100 Podcast Episodes, we are joined by members of our Photog Adventure team, the admins from our Photog Adventures Facebook Group, and our hero, Jeff Harmon.

Through Jeff’s generous recommendations to his Photo Taco podcast listeners to follow the Photog Adventures Podcast, we went from less than 1000 listens to around 7000 listens in less time! Jeff single-handed put Photog Adventures on the map faster than we were getting it there and we really owe him a lot!

Jeff Harmon

We ask Jeff Harmon and our Photog Adventures Facebook Group Admins about their favorite misadventures and their story behind their favorite image over the last two years.

Jeff talks about the Create Photography Retreat and shares insight on his presentations and why we all should take a chance on a retreat like this one, especially one like this that is so affordable!

Misadventure Recap!

Listen and find out who had the following misadventures:

  • Missed their camera harness and dropped a camera damaging the lens
  • Wind blew over a tripod and broke a lens
  • Broke a flash when wind blew over the light stand and the entire setup fell into a river
  • Twisted an ankle and dropped a lens into the dirt
  • Left an energy drink and lenses on top of the car before driving off, and then hearing the gut-sinking sound of something rolling off the top of the car
  • Lost a boot in quickmud
  • Left the camera attached to the tripod and then slipped on rocks, breaking both the camera body and lens
  • Put gasoline into a diesel powered vehicle
  • A blown engine
  • Lost their job
  • And, of course, flat tires.

Today’s Guests –

Jeff Harmon –  check out Photo Taco and all his other fantastic podcasts on the Master Photography Podcast Network!
Daniel Lindhardt – @danlindphoto,
Rob Ryan – @robryanphotography
Brent Huntley –
Darrel Harrington –

Upcoming Milky Way Workshops

Join us for our Milky Way Workshops in 2019!
Goblin Valley Workshops
Escalante Workshops
Bandon, OR / Crater Lake Workshops

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