The Best of the Best - Our Most Popular Website, Podcast, and Video Content

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The Best of the Best – Our Most Popular Website, Podcast, and Video Content

We’ve made some really popular content since we started Photog Adventures. But some are on the Photog Adventures YouTube Channel, some are on our Photog Adventures Podcast, some are on our Photog Adventures Facebook page, and others are pages here on our Photog Adventure Website. So it seems like it’s time to collect our most popular content all into one place so they are easy to find.

So in no particular order, here’s our most popular and Hall of Fame shows –

Our Recommended Gear

One of the most popular pages on the Photog Adventures web site is our Recommended Gear page. While it’s not an exhaustive list of all our Recommended Gear, but it’s a good portion of it. Also, the links on that page are Amazon links. When you buy anything from them it helps support Photog Adventures and we really appreciate it!


Astro Photog Podcast LIVE with Eric Benedetti | How to use a Star Tracker

Eric Benedetti, Expert Astro Tracker, talks live with us for more than an hour about how to use a tracker. He discusses all the gear he uses in his setup, from his tripod, his Sky Watcher Star Adventurer star tracker, camera, and lenses. He answers questions from the live audience as well.


Photog Adventures Video Podcast with LonelySpeck’s Ian Norman!

If you love Milky Way Photography come join us while we hang out with one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Milky Way Master Guru, Ian Norman. Ian’s the creator of and many popular YouTube tutorials helping us all be better in our Milky Way Photography!


Creating Natural NightScapes with Royce Bair & Friends | Milky Way Photography | Astrophotography

One of our most popular YouTube Channel videos is “Creating Natural NightScapes with Royce Bair & Friends”. It’s a presentation given on March 14th, 2017, where Royce,  Eric Benedetti, and Clarence Spencer teach the value of low-level-lighting, tracking mounts, and custom astro-camera modifications that can help you with your Milky Way Photography.

Royce shares valuable insight on finding the Milky Way, capturing it with clarity, and how to use lighting to your advantage in this first hour of the presentation. Buy Royce’s super informative and educational eBook “Milky Way Nightscapes” here: Learn more about Low-Level-Lighting here at:

Then Eric Benedetti teaches how he uses tracking mounts to capture amazing Milky Way images. Learn Eric Benedetti’s techniques for Star Tracking Photography here:

Finally, Clarence Spencer shares the modification services that his camera repair store offers. He discusses the benefits of these modifications for your astro photography.


PODCAST 90: Clarence Spencer | Talking Astro-Modded Cameras for Milky Way Photography

Do you want more color in your Milky Way Photographs? Then use an astro-modified camera!

Clarence Spencer is in our studio to talk with us about astro-modded cameras. First he covers Full Spectrum, Infra-red, and Visible+Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha or Hα) Filter modified cameras. Then he discusses the benefits of each of these modifications. He covers all the options for both Astrophotography and Landscape Photography. He also points out that the Full Spectrum conversion actually lets your camera capture more light than a non-converted camera.

Clarence tells us about how we can even get our cameras modded. If you have an older camera sitting around that you can’t bring yourself to sell, then this is a great way to bring it new life! Visit Spenser’s Camera & Photo to see which cameras they recommend for Astrophotography and Nightscape conversion.

We spend much of this episode looking at photos that were taken with astro-modified cameras. Clarence even has photos taken through telescopes. So this is an episode where you really need to watch the video version to get the most benefit. The podcast audio is identical to the video. But with the podcast you miss out on seeing all the amazing photos Clarence brings.


PODCAST: Light Pollution, 50mm Astro & Milky Way Timelapses w/ Ian Norman of | Ep 22

We got the awesome opportunity to visit with Ian Norman of Ian is a fellow night photographer and his Lonely Speck web site is a treasure trove of information on astrophotography. His YouTube channel has so much great information on Milky Way photography that is should be required viewing for anyone interested this subject.


Easy Milky Way Processing For Beginners in Lightroom | Milky Way Photography | Astrophotography

Join Aaron for an Astro Photog episode that is a virtual 1-on-1 lesson on processing your Milky Way Photography images. Aaron uses Lightroom for everything even to Dodge (Lighten) and Burn (Darken) the features of the Milky Way and then only pulls up Photoshop to work in layers for Google’s Nik Collection Color Efex Pro.

Perfect for newbies, this method is a simple base/foundation that you can follow and do for your own images. You can then make adjustments and changes as you see fit with your photos before doing any of the polishing steps in Color Efex Pro.


How to use PhotoPills to plan your Milky Way Photography | Astrophotography

Watch Aaron’s tips and tricks for how to easily use the PhotoPills app and plan your Milky Way photography. PhotoPills is available for iOS and Android

While PhotoPills is an awesome app, it definitely has a steep learning curve. By the end of this video, you will know how to determine when the Milky Way is visible, if the moon will be up, and how to get the Milky Way Core exactly where you want it in your frame.


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