Astro Photog Ep 6 | Star Tracker Workshop's Fantastic Moments, Major Flubs & My Three Best Takeaways

Astro Photog Ep 6 | Star Tracker Workshop’s Fantastic Moments, Major Flubs & My Three Best Takeaways

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Todays topics –

I celebrate the FANTASTIC MOMENTS and confess the MAJOR FLUBS from the live broadcast of the Eric Benedetti Star Tracker Workshop from over the weekend. In today’s Astro Primer, we learn it is a Full Moon week. That means it is even more crucial to learn what days are open for Milky Way Photography. Thus, I am reminded again why the Southern Hemisphere has a distinct advantage over the Northern Hemisphere for viewing the Milky Way Galactic Core year round!

Today’s Virtual Guest –

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Eric Benedetti Star Tracker Workshop Recap

There were some moments that were just magical! Everyone involved was so crazy grateful for Eric’s time, experience and knowledge. We learned so many great tips on how to not only become BETTER Milky Way Photographers but how to capably install and use a Star Tracker with our camera. We certainly got our money’s worth with Eric’s SIX hours of instruction that we got on Saturday. And there is more to come too!

Lastly, I go over three simple takeaways from the Workshop that highlight what we went over. They highlight what great and interesting lessons are in store for those of us who have access to the workshop.

  1. Shoot the foreground first. The Milky Way doesn’t even have to be up to do this. And it can save time. Then take your panorama moving from North to South. (Go South to North in the Southern Hemisphere.) Image stacking is not needed with a Star Tracker. Lower the ISO when star tracking and get less noisy images, thereby removing the need for stacking.
  2. Star Tracking does complicate post processing along the skyline. Especially if there are trees that need extensive masking. Eric covers the details of doing this in an extended segment of the Star Tracker Workshop.
  3. Buy the software that’s recommended by Eric to help with post-processing. Especially the Carboni Astro Tools. There are so many tools in there that will be very useful for astro in these packages.

Videos Included with this Online Course:

  1. Eric’s Recommended Gear for Star Tracker Photography
  2. Setting up your Star Tracker & Best Practices Out in the Field
  3. Post-Processing Techniques for Star Tracking Images
  • RAW Replay Instant Access to RAW YouTube LIVE Replays from the April 21st LIVE Online Workshop
  • Facebook Group Access to an exclusive Private Facebook Group with Eric Benedetti
  • Polished Replay Polished & Edited Course Website that has the content broken up into segments
  • Worksheet PDF Lesson Highlights, Gear info & recommendations put into a PDF Cheat sheet
  • MORE Instruction! We are filming Eric do a more in-depth masking tutorial along with other popular topics that we want to go even deeper on. That content will be added to the workshop instruction at zero cost to you guys. So there is even MORE to come!

Software recommended by Eric Benedetti

Carboni’s Astro Tools:
Annie’s Astro Actions:

Star Tracker vs. Single Image Milky Way Photography

Here are a few more reasons why you need a Sky Tracker Mount for your Milky Way Photography:
Star Tracker vs. Single Image | Why you need a Sky Tracker Mount for your Milky Way Photography

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  1. I signed up for and paid for the podcast but the feed to my computer went dead after the first 3 minutes and 41 seconds. I was told that because I had paid for the podcast I would be able to review the podcast later. I found that I could purchase the podcast for $99.00. Is there a link or code I can put into your system so my $79.00 charge was not wasted? Thanks, C. Y.

    1. Post

      Hey C.Y.!

      I am so sorry! I have sent you an email directly to your msn email you used here, but it appears to be the same email I have been including in all my email communications. But maybe my emails through MailChimp and even the ones I have sent through Gmail are going to your SPAM folder or something.

      Please check those and if you aren’t finding them anywhere, message me at and I will forward all of them to you again directly.

      HOPEFULLY that will connect you with all of the RAW YouTube Replays and other content coming up.

      DO NOT spend another dime. In fact, I owe you a partial refund back. I mentioned that in the email I just sent you. Hopefully you will see that and I will hear back from you soon! 😀

      So terribly sorry about all of this!


  2. Thanks so much. I very much appreciate it and am really enjoying Photog Adventures. I will check into this when I am at my Orem office tomorrow. Good light to you and clear skies for your night skies!

    1. Post

      Awesome, CY! So you are here in Orem!? Right on! Or at least your Office is in Orem. Thanks for the night sky best wishes and keep an eye on Listener Adventures! We are going to be doing one again soon! Maybe you can get out with us! -Aaron

  3. Hi there, I purchased the replay of the workshop with Eric Benedetti. It said Thank for your purchase, but how do i get to actually see the video. Thanks.

    Kind regards Dennis

    1. Post

      Heya Dennis!

      I am so sorry that your automatic email with all the info didn’t make it to you! I hate it when that happens and wish I had more control over that…it always depends on the recipients spam filter settings and I hate that I can’t be more certain or notified when people never get it without you guys having to let me know you are being left in the dark!

      I sent you an email just now with that email carrying all of the information.

      Please let me know in a reply to that email if you have any difficulty!


    1. Post
    2. Post

      Okay! Good news! The process was simple to add a Paypal Button option so I went ahead and did so and you can now purchase using Paypal!

      I am really glad you asked because now I know something new and can add that option to ALL of our Courses and Workshops! I am sure more people will like that! 😀

      Thanks, Kris and thanks for being interested in buying the replay! -Aaron

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