Aaron King

Aaron King

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 6D

Having moved 27 times by the time I was 14-years old, I really am not “from” any one place. Italy, Netherlands, California, Missouri, Idaho and Utah have all impacted me in my upbringing. Having lived all over, I can say with confidence that the variety of beauty found here in Utah sits only second to the country of my family’s origin, Italy. Third place: Oregon.

Professionally I have been a Producer in the Game Industry since 2010. While working at Disney I checked off two of my bucket list items: 1- Work with Pixar! 2- Produce something shown in a Movie Theater nationwide!

After leaving the Game Industry, I worked a miserable desk job that sapped my will to live until the day I was fired because I was spending too much time on my real favorite job Photog Adventures!

Photog Adventures is a Podcast & YouTube channel started in 2016 dedicated to motivating people to get out and have an adventure of their own. Quickly Milky Way Photography became the most popular content shared on Photog Adventures and it organically grew into teaching Milky Way Photography through workshops & courses in addition to the content on the Podcast & YouTube channel. 😀 -Aaron