Brendon Porter

Canon 5D Mark iii

I have been to a few places around the world, and Utah has so much diverse beauty, it never ceases to amaze me.
I am not a native to Utah, I lived in Scottsdale AZ for about 20 years before moving to Salt Lake City. I’ve lived in Idaho, my Birthplace, Germany, Arizona, England, and now I call Utah my home.
Having a background in Design, and Video picking up a DSLR came fairly naturally.  Once I learned all I could about f-stops and lenses, I was off to all the more technical things!  I really have always enjoyed shooting pictures of nature. Macro nature shots are still some of my favorite to shoot. I have really enjoyed taking my nature shooting to the next level.

Aaron King

Aaron King

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 6D

Having moved 27 times by the time I was 14-years old, I really am not “from” any one place. Italy, Netherlands, California, Missouri, Idaho and Utah have all impacted me in my upbringing. Having lived all over, I can say that the variety of beauty found here in Utah sits only second in my heart to the country of my family’s origins, Italy.   
My wife is from Utah, so even with all our own moving around, we keep finding ourselves back in happy valley. Here we have a home and two kids. According to my wife, a dog is a discussion we can have in 2017. 
Professionally I have been a Producer in the Game Industry since 2010 but currently working on my own projects. When I am not out with my camera or telescope – and once my family is off to bed – I am either writing or relaxing to a video game while watching every photography relevant YouTube video I can find. 😀 -Aaron 

Aaron King

James Kelly

Photog Adventures UK


I was was born in the hot summer of 1984 in the North East of Scotland and spent his early years living on the Westertown Farm, home to Mackies Ice Cream.
I was a kid who was never at home but out exploring the far reaches of the countryside with my friends.
After many years of college and working in the photography world, I spend my free time exploring the Scottish landscape, hills and coastal routes (often stopping at the local distillery) to explore what Scotland has to offer.
With frequent travels to the Faroe Islands where my Fiancée Iris is from. I spends my days in the Faroe’s photographing the locals and their breathtaking landscape feeling like a kid in the countryside again.
I love what I do and passionate about my work, quality is everything which is why I take every care so my photography is delivered to the highest standard. – James