Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020!

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Photog Adventures’ Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020 are ready for registration and already selling out!

Photog Adventures' 2020 Adventure Workshops! Teaching Astrophotography and Landscape Photography!
Go to Utah, Oregon or Faroe Islands in these Adventure Workshops!

Milky Way Photography Workshops

Have you always wanted to learn Milky Way Photography or Astrophotography? Dying to capture the Milky Way from incredible dark skies like those in Utah? Then get out on one of the Photog Adventures’ Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020!

Make 2020 your year to get out on an adventure with Aaron King and finally learn how to master Astrophotography on one of the many Milky Way Photography Workshops in Utah or Oregon!

Forget the challenge of finding the right composition or the perfect dark skies and leave that to Photog Adventures

I could spend some time giving you flowery prose about why I love all these places so much and why each one is unique, but I already did for each workshop page! Enjoy the first paragraph from each workshop page below!


Low-level lighting Astrophotography in Escalante National Monument!
Low-level lighting at its finest at Dance Hall Rock in Escalante

May 23rd – 27th | Register for Milky Way in Escalante!
In Escalante there are MANY great sites with just BRILLIANT foreground options to frame the Milky Way over! I LOVE Escalante! The best part of Escalante is that you get an awesome variety of rock formations, natural arches and unique settings like a tree growing out of a hole in just a 40-mile stretch of road! This workshop is designed to take advantage of these unique locations and give you an opportunity to do Milky Way Photography with varied methods of capture.

Salt Flats

Amazing Milky Way Photography Panoramas out in the Salt Flats!
Transcendent Mirrored Milky Way at the Salt Flats

July 18th & July 19th | Register for a night at the Salt Flats!
In order to create a Mirrored Panorama Milky Way over the Salt Flats the conditions have to be perfect! The Salt Flats need to be dry enough for driving and wet enough at this location to give us a Mirror reflection. If we can get those two conditions, this is an AMAZING experience! You get to walk out ON the Milky Way! Seriously, it is a crazy feeling looking down and seeing the Milky Way! I can promise you that it is an experience you won’t ever forget! 

Crater Lake & Oregon Coast

Milky Way Photography on the beaches of the Oregon Coast!
Milky Way out at Facerock Viewpoint in Bandon, Oregon

June 22nd – 26th | Register for Crater Lake & Oregon Coast!
This Milky Way Adventure actually includes a LOT of Landscape Photography as well! We have sunsets from the Rim up at Crater Lake! Then amazing and beautiful locations out on the Oregon Coast in Bandon and Secret Beach! I just LOVE these places! If we get too many clouds, then Landscape is our PLAN A and we go out for sunrise too! But if the skies are clear as they can be! We will have amazing nights of Milky Way Photography at these three locations! 

Southern Utah Milky Ways

Milky Way Photography Workshop in the awesome dark skies of Southern Utah!
Awesome Overlook at a place somewhere awesome

July 20th – 24th | Register for the Southern Utah Workshop!
This workshop includes a sky SO AWESOMELY DARK it is not only ONE of the International Dark Sky Parks but it was the very FIRST to receive the designation of International Dark Sky Park! Natural Bridges National Monument has such a great view of the sky it is a place you might consider bringing your telescope along with you to enjoy some of the harder to see low-contrast deep-sky objects our hemisphere has to offer! Owochomo bridge is just the beginning of the awesome unique Milky Way locations all around the desert of Southern Utah that we will be visiting!

Faroe Islands

Landscape Photography Workshop in the Faroe Islands!
Spectacular sunset peeking through rain clouds at Viðareiði

September 14th – 21st | Register for the Faroes Adventure!
The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of eighteen islands half way between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Some of the most breathtaking scenery out there! Steep-sided mountains that rise out of the sea to almost 1000 meters making them the tallest cliffs in Europe, small fishing villages with grass covered roofs, huge cascading waterfalls that flow strong after the smallest rainfall, deep like fjords and black sand beaches with tidal pools scattered all around.

New Trailblazer Adventures!

Trailblazer Adventures

What are Trailblazer adventures?
These are first time adventures to a location that Photog Adventures hasn’t been to! Be an Adventurer with me & get out to really awesome locations that need to be explored & tested for future workshops! Come along & have a true Photog Adventure with Aaron in the most real way possible with the excitement of exploring!

Email me directly if you are interested in joining me out on a Trailblazer adventure!

Milky Way Photography Workshops

Whether it is a Milky Way Photography Workshop or a Landscape Photography, come on out with Photog Adventures and have a blast on an adventure in Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, New Zealand or the Faroe Islands!