2018 Amazon Prime Day Gear Recommendations

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Photog Adventures 2018 Amazon Prime Day Gear Recommendations

It’s been a while since we made a list of gear recommendations, so we thought we’d make one for Amazon Prime Day. By clicking on any of the links below, you can help support both our Podcast and YouTube Channel. First we split up our recommendations in to 4 price ranges, $0 to $25, $25 to $50, $50 to $250, and $250 and up. Then we asked members of the Photog Adventures Production Team to make their recommendation for items that they use and like.

This is not a list of randomly selected products, these are items we actually use and want to share with you. We trust you’ll find these items as useful and helpful to your photography as well do.

The following are Amazon Affiliate links. Clicking on and buying these items helps us produce this show.

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Aaron King –

Brendon Porter –

James Kelly –

Rob Ryan –

Daniel Lindhardt –

Kirk Keyes –

Jeff Pedersen –

Thanks for checking out our 2018 Amazon Prime Day Recommendations

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