PODCAST: PictureMonk Jordan Younce’s “Road to Full Time” YouTube series & Design Principles in our Photos | Ep 32

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PictureMonk Jordan Younce talks design principles in Photography with Aaron & Brendon and his new YouTube series called “The Road to Full Time” about his pathway to doing Photography Full Time.

Aaron shares a design style guide that he used from his time at Disney when he worked on the game Disney Infinity. Referencing the style guide, we talk about how we can all use basic design principles to help our landscape photography have the kind of balance and interest that well-designed logos or marketing assets have.

Jordan Younce’s YouTube Channel:
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Jordan’s Gear pick of the week:
Smatree Full Aluminum Hot Shoe Mount Adapter for GoPro

Fotasy SCX2 1/4-inch Hot Shoe Adapter

Jordan’s Porfolio


Listener Photog Adventure

Neil Robertson’s Milky Way Timelapse

Disney Infinity Marketing Screenshots Style Guide

Erin Babnik image referenced during discussion: https://goo.gl/gO784v


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