PHOTOG ADVENTURE: Zion National Park Sunrise Photography Day Two | Landscape Photography

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Day Two of our trip out at Zion National Park and we work hard to find the best spot for a sunrise despite the sky not cooperating. We had perfectly clear skies for Astrophotography that continued into the morning and kept our landscape photography sunrise shoot from pulling out any portfolio worthy images. 

But we quickly take advantage of the great weather and find an amazing area just outside the borders of Zion National Park where we can fly our drone to capture some spectacular footage. We just love drone footage. We could sit and watch from the drone’s perspective for another 20 mins alone! 

We learned a lot about our cameras, scouting Zion National Park and challenged our skills in composition. Learned more from what we did wrong this day than what we did right, but all that changes in Part 3 coming up next week!

Thanks for watching and see you next Friday!

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