PODCAST: Reflecting the Milky Way at Mirror Lake with Surprise Guest Royce Bair

Photog Adventures Podcast 2 Comments

Aaron and Brendon capture a reflected Milky Way out at Mirror Lake & get a surprise hangout with a well-known photographer and author, Royce Bair.

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  1. Hi Guys – Not sure if you will see this comment or not, but just wanted to congratulate you on the podcast. I’m a long time listener of photography podcasts starting with This Week In Photo, then Improve Photography, Tripod, Lens & Landscape, and now yours. I do a ton of driving throughout the Southwest on various landscape shoots and I love listening to podcasts, so thank you for starting yours. My main suggestion for you guys is…YOU NEED TO GET NEW INTRO MUSIC ASAP. I love the title of your website and your podcast, but you’ve got to find something EPIC to go with a name like PhotogAdventures. I have a couple of links to a site that is used by Thomas Heaton and Nick Page for quality music clips, so please hit me up if you need some ideas. Your current intro sounds like it would be more appropriate for a podcast entitled "Mommy and Me" or "Scrap Booking With Betsy." 🙂 I hope I’m not coming across as too pushy here, but that’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I began listening to your podcast. You need something like the soundtrack to "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" where he is clawing his way over the Himalayas.

    That being said, GREAT find with bumping into Royce Bair. You guys found one of the top Milky Way guys in the world to hang out with, so bravo. Heading over to iTunes now to give you guys a big thumbs up. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sorry for the mystery on whether your message will be seen! I wish this system of moderating the post left people with more of a confident feeling when they hit send and it just vanishes!

    William, great advice!

    Honestly, Brendon will be relieved. Originally with all the choices we had that we could legally use without paying too much for it, this song was the best. At least it was my favorite for it. That said, lately, I have been wanting to change it. It REALLY does sound like playtime with children. Haha I thought it was great at first and just happy, but it is starting to sound a bit too corny to me too. So I guess I am just finally coming around to what Brendon felt all along and what you see. 😀

    We missed a week with my wife’s surgery to her ankles, yeah…ANKLES! She got both worked on and is now a paraplegic. So we are recording two podcasts tonight and I will debut a more epic intro for it. Please let me know if it is good enough or not. I agree, we need the best one that says "Photog Adventures" so help me know if we got it. Look for the podcast to come out tomorrow or Thursday. HOPING tomorrow for both.

    Nick uses PremiumBeat which I really like but $50+ per song is a bit steep right now for the intro, but I do have a sub with EpidemicSound which Thomas uses. So I will double check the deal I got with them covers Podcast intros as well as the YouTube videos I use it for.

    Thanks for the feedback and please keep the feedback coming! Happy to adjust to the constructive criticism.


    P.S. Royce is awesome! We were SOOO lucky we bumped into him! We have some plans to go out with him next spring and we will film the whole thing. I can’t wait to get all the advice he has on Photog Adventure episode!

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