PHOTOG ADVENTURE: Return trip to the Silo & water area then barely catch sunrise

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Taking Brendon out to the Silo, Aaron picked up his brother-in-law to join them on the adventure.

The guys drive the back route to the Silo from his Brother-in-law’s house. The back roads behind Utah Lake proves to be the perfect route to take as the sunrise became spectacular on their way home.

The guys stop quickly at a random location they have never been to capture what is left of the sunrise before grabbing some breakfast.   

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  1. @Joseph

    Absolutely correct!

    We are saving up for funds on an extra GoPro Silver that we can modify to remove the IR Filter and allow Infrared light to pass through the lens. Then we would attach IR leds to the camera to give us some better filming at night.

    We don’t have one yet, but we are hoping for it soon. So many of our scenes take place in dark areas that would have been fantastic to have better video footage of.

    Thanks for watching!

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