PHOTOG ADVENTURE: Weekend out in Goosenecks & Goblin Valley State Parks

Photog Adventures Photog Adventure

Two-image composite of the bend at Goosenecks State Park in Utah. One image for the sky and another from the daytime to get detail in the rocks of the bend.

— Aaron King

Trip Journal

The trip out to Goosenecks and Goblin Valley was our first weekend trip where we had our GoPros with us to chronicle the whole adventure! We had been out several times before but we had to use my Canon 70D for recording and we really only got around to doing that once out at the Notch when we were at the crazy solar ruins. 

The trip to Goosenecks State Park is about 6 hours from Salt Lake City. So we were just crossing our fingers that the sky would be as clear as the weather was saying it should be. 

The first night began with clouds and that made Aaron freak out with anxiety that the sky would be blocking the Milky Way. But after the sun set and the temperature changed the sky cleared out entirely and our shots worked out awesomely! 

After a perfect night at the Goosenecks, we decided to drive up north to Goblin Valley State Park and try our luck out up there for our last night instead of a repeat night at the Goosenecks. Originally we gave ourselves two nights to make the Goosenecks work out but after the success of the first night we had an extra night to play with. 

The sky was perfectly clear when we got to Goblin Valley State Park. To say we got lucky would be an understatement! 

Amazingly clear and bright, the stars painted a beautiful night sky over the crazy-interesting foreground subject of the hoodoos of Goblin Valley. It was a second-straight amazing astrophotography night and we both captured images that we could add to our portfolios. 

Can’t wait to get back out there next year! 

Banana Peel diffused light source lighting up the area in Goblin Valley State Park Brendon called the “grotto”.

— Brendon Porter

20-second exposure of the night sky and Milky Way over a 6-image composite of individually light-painted hoodoos in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah.

— Aaron King