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Where do YOU need help the most in your Milky Way Photography?​

Are you struggling with your FOCUS on the stars?
Do you find composition challenging?
Do you want to learn how to use a Star Tracker?
Is there just too much danged light pollution where you live?
Do you get nervous – like I do – when you are out alone at night?

Let me help you have one of the greatest Milky Way Photography adventures of your life out here in Utah, Oregon, New Mexico or North Carolina!

My 4-Night Milky Way Workshops have ONE FOCUS. YOU!

My main focus is making sure you get a great image. I WILL NEVER USE MY OWN CAMERA DURING MY WORKSHOPS! Unless I start a timelapse of the group, I never touch it! I amTHERE FOR YOU ONLY!

So many times I have cried inside as my group has gotten an amazing image of the Milky Way with a Comet or over an incredible view and wished I had my camera out too, but no! Not on my workshops! I am there to TEACH YOU!

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I am taking a break from Photography workshops after 2022 so these are our last chances to get out there on an adventure together!

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What is the difference between an Intermediate or Advanced Workshop?

I separate my workshops into THREE SKILL LEVELS:

  • BEGINNER: 1-Night or 2-Nights | Learn elements of Basic Milky Way Photography & Panorama
  • INTERMEDIATE: 4-Nights | Milky Way Photography, Stacking, Timelapse & Post-Processing  
  • ADVANCED: 4-Nights up to 7-Nights | Star Tracking Milky Way, Deep-Sky Astro & Aurora

BEGINNER WORKSHOPS | $250 – $500 – $1000
The goal of the BEGINNER level is to ONLY cover the basics of single-image Milky Way Photography with the addition of panorama. There will be no group efforts on more challenging techniques like stacking, tracking, timelapses, dual-exposure panorama or any dedicated time given to post-processing lessons. These will be 1-2 nights long with the option to buy two in a row to make it a 4-night adventure if you wish. NO HIKING. EASY LOCATIONS. THERE MAY BE GROUP DRIVING OPTIONS DEPENDING ON THE WORKSHOP. Plan to drive yourself, but to keep these easy locations, we will not be driving to multiple distant locations. We will choose to focus and repeat locations near our hotel so we have an opportunity to master the basics and keep things simple. The beginner workshops are all about easy logistics so you can focus on getting the basics down and not focus on being exhausted from the extra physical or mental exertion tough locations & techniques can cause.

The goal of the INTERMEDIATE level is to introduce you to & help you practice more difficult techniques like stacking, timelapses, dual-exposure panorama and making time for post-processing lessons. These are all 4-night workshops. THERE MAY BE HIKING. YOU WILL DRIVE YOURSELF! Come ready for the itinerary to adjust based on weather. We won’t be staying in one location. We might even flip flop which side of the state we are in based on weather. Our goal is to be flexible and greedy with the weather. I will make day-of adjustments if weather requires it. You may bring a Star Tracker, but there will be no group efforts to learn, practice or help you with your star tracker. But if that is what you would like to use, that is your prerogative. 

ADVANCED WORKSHOPS | $1800 – $3150
The goal of the ADVANCED level is to use Star Trackers. We will not use static tripods in these workshops. These workshops will be dedicated to helping you learn how to get your orientation, capture and post-process star tracked Milky Way images. Using our star trackers we won’t be only capturing Milky Way but also focusing some workshops entirely on Deep-Sky Astrophotography! It will be beginner level Deep-Sky Astro but these advanced workshops will be the only ones where we do any deep-sky. My Aurora Workshops with MaryBeth Kiczenski will fall under the Advanced level. These will be 4-7 night long workshops with some days dedicated to post-processing and little photography so that we have an opportunity to learn post-processing techniques in Adobe PhotoShop. We will not be using Lightroom in this workshop.