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Photog Adventures Photog Adventure

Where do YOU need help the most in your Milky Way Photography?​ Are you struggling with your FOCUS on the stars?Do you find composition challenging?Do you want to learn how to use a Star Tracker?Is there just too much danged light pollution where you live?Do you get nervous – like I do – when you are out alone at night? …

The Magic of a Tiffen Fog 3 Filter with Orion!

Photog Adventures Photog Adventure

Using the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter that Cheryl loaned me, I was able to finally capture the Orion Constellation and see the magic that is a Tiffen Fog 3 Filter! Check out the look of the difference the Tiffen Fog 3 Filter makes but know that the images were captured hastily. I was working with the workshop and so I …

Podcast Cover Art Mark Gee's Bioluminescent Milky Way

PODCAST 139: Mark Gee | New Zealand Southern Hemisphere Milky Way Photography Tips & Favorite Locations

Photog Adventures Podcast

What Milky Way Photographer out there doesn’t share the bucket list item with me of Southern Hemisphere Milky Way? Answer is no one! Every Milky Way Photographer out there has a dream of going to see the Southern Hemisphere Milky Way before they die! Join Aaron on the podcast dreaming of New Zealand with Master Milky Way Photographer Mark Gee! …

PODCAST 135: Photo Taco’s Jeff Harmon | Don’t Stress, Have Fun! Be a Hobbyist Again!

Kirk Keyes Featurette, Milky Way Wednesday, Photog Adventure, Podcast, Vlog

As we get too crazy into our photography hobby, there are areas that we drop off the hobbyist map and try to turn it into a side hustle. Don’t let the stress of worrying about the wrong things ruin this hobby for you! We talk with Photo Taco’s Jeff Harmon about having fun as a photographer again! Photo Taco’s Jeff …

Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020!

Photog Adventures Photog Adventure

Photog Adventures’ Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020 are ready for registration and already selling out! Milky Way Photography Workshops Have you always wanted to learn Milky Way Photography or Astrophotography? Dying to capture the Milky Way from incredible dark skies like those in Utah? Then get out on one of the Photog Adventures’ Milky Way Photography Workshops in 2020! …

Bust at Baker City! | Milky Way Wednesday On the Road

Bust at Baker City! | Milky Way Wednesday On the Road

Kirk Keyes Featurette, Milky Way Wednesday, Photog Adventure, Vlog

Welcome to a special edition of Milky Way Wednesday on the Road! While on the road for my Crater Lake & Oregon Coast Milky Way Workshop I have captured some fun videos of the group, images over their shoulders and some awesome timelapses! Location Searching in Baker City PART ONE starts off where I am on the road to Portland …

Clarence Spencer Astromodified Cameras

Clarence Spencer | Nightscaper Conference 2019 |Learn Everything about Astro-Modded Cameras, IR Filter Removal, and H-Alpha

Kirk Keyes NIghtscaper Conference, Tutorial

We recorded this presentation by Clarence Spencer at the 2019 Nightscaper Conference. Clarence discusses everything you ever wanted to know about cameras modified for Astrophotography! Get better reds, more color out of your nebulae, and low-contrast deep sky objects! Bring out detail in your core without high ISO if that is what you love. You can get the most out …

PODCAST 107: Alan Dyer | Comet Wirtanen, Milky Way Photography in Canada & Timelapse Processing Tips | PATREON ONLY

PODCAST 107: Alan Dyer | Comet Wirtanen, Milky Way Photography in Canada & Timelapse Processing Tips | All Access

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast

Aaron is joined by Alan Dyer and we get to nerd out about a VISIBLE Comet in the night sky – Comet Wirtanen! Now, this is not a Halley’s comet with a tail, but you can see a very distinct blue/green orb in the night sky if you get out there. Take advantage of this opportunity now! Thanks to our …

PODCAST 105: Alyce Bender | World Traveler, Nature, and Wildlife Photographer | All Acess

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast

This week Aaron gets a break and Brendon interviews, Alyce Bender. Alyce is a travel-loving outdoor and nature photographer. She has traveled and lived all over the world. She will also be teaching at the Create Photography Retreat in Las Vegas. Thanks to our Patrons – This episode was initially posted on our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/photogadventures. You can gain access …

Photog Adventures Podcast 132 Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith | Printing & Selling our Landscape & Milky Way Photography! | Ep 132

Kirk Keyes Interview, Podcast, Vlog

Recorded LIVE from our Facebook Live Stream with Ryan Smith back in March! Learn from Ryan Smith as he teaches us about Printing and Selling our Landscape Photography & Milky Way Photography Prints! Combining his professional experience as a corporate trainer with his passion for photography, Ryan has a knack for sharing the technical aspects of photography in an easy …