PODCAST 60: Serena Ho | Aussie Landscape Photographer talks Story, Inspiration & Near Death Experience

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World Famous Australian Landscape Photographer Serena Ho joins the podcast to share her near death experience in Iceland, the power of story in your photography, inspiration in nature and inspiration for all of us working to make a name for ourselves in Photography. Serena has had amazing experiences worldwide these last few years thanks to her brave approach to following …

PODCAST 59: Michael Shainblum | Tips & tricks in Landscape Photography & a harrowing Milky Way adventure

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We hang out with ultra popular and world renowned Milky Way and Landscape Photographer Michael Shainblum! We get an awesome opportunity to learn from Michael and get a chance to pick up some tips and tricks while hearing stories of his adventures out in places like Alabama Hills and unsuspecting amazing seascapes off San Francisco. We get a priceless experience …

PODCAST 58: Late Season Milky Way Photography over Sand Dunes

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We go out with Daniel Lindhardt for some late season Milky Way Photography over the Sand Dunes of the Little Sahara here in Utah. Looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet of cold October temperatures out at the Sand Dunes but instead we find that there are hordes of people out there! We talk about the challenges of lighting …

PODCAST 55: Create Awesome Sharp Milky Way Photography From Day One

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On this Cyber Monday, I talk about the behind the scenes of recording my first upcoming Milky Way Photography Online Course for Beginners that is coming out Dec. 26th. Stories of recording at locations of Salt Flats, Goblin Valley, Goosenecks, Natural Bridges, Knolls, Crater Lake and Mirror Lake. Expiring tonight at Midnight East Coast Time, get the $50 OFF deal …


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Happy Black Friday deals everyone! Brendon and I are excited to offer discounts on our current offerings at Photog Adventures! Black Friday Store Front: https://goo.gl/WThtCe Pre-Order Discount on the upcoming Milky Way Course 1on1 Skype/Google Hangout Calls 2-on-1 Workshops These deals are only available through Cyber Monday! Thanks for being interested and supporting Photog Adventures!

PODCAST 54: Our first Workshop the PhotoPills Sun, Moon and Milky Way Workshop & how it went!

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We talk about our first ever Workshop and how challenging, fun and crazy it was hanging out with Rafael Pons from PhotoPills fame and our 30 new friends who joined us for the weekend! From the challenging logistics of getting 30 people safely and successfully to our Dark Sky Sites driving themselves and how we battled with red lights from …

PODCAST 52: Waterfalls, Pratfalls & Fall Colors in North Carolina with Jordan Younce

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In one of our longest podcasts yet, we recap our fantastic week long trip out to North Carolina where we hang out with Jordan Younce of PictureMonk Fame and SleekLens.com notoriety. We muse on the discomforts of airplane travel, preparing for a photog adventure correctly, Brendon’s famous waterfall break dance, challenges of sunrises and sunsets in a land with a …

Owochomo Bridge & Milky Way

PODCAST 51: Weekend at Arches, Canyonlands & the Milky Way at Natural Bridges National Monument

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The weekend before our first Photog Adventures Workshop we hang out with Rafael Pons and Joshua Snow at their Workshop at Arches National Park. Making new friends and having more time in the weekend to kill, we went out to Dead Horse Point for sunrise, spent the day taking the scenic route in Canyonlands National Park and then blitzed down …