PODCAST 80: Listener Q&A talking places we wouldn’t go back to, the pano process & a Live Tech Test

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Watch the Video Version of the podcast here: https://goo.gl/hRuoop

To celebrate hitting a nice round number like 80 podcast episodes we do a LIVE Tech Test and Listener Q&A!


  • Ukrainian TV Show has released the episode that we were a part of! https://youtu.be/YDk6ldgXtWA?t=27m41s
  • AstroPhotog Podcast and changes coming up for the weekly AstroPrimer
  • SLIK Milky Way Contest: https://goo.gl/uYy6Uu
  • Places we wouldn’t go back to
  • Brendon’s only camera that he dunked in water….so far!
  • How do you Post-Process your frames BEFORE Stitching your Panoramas?
  • AVOID Auto White Balance when you do Panoramas and even with all of your Milky Way Photography
  • Do we need Nodal Slides for our Panoramas?
  • Money lost with gear, tires, engines, drones and anything else lost in a Photog MISAdventure
  • Having issues with my feisol tripod
  • L-Brackets and tripods saving time for your Milky Way Photography
  • The road at Escalante and which vehicle you want for it

After the Q&A we talk about our Milky Way Photography at Bryce Canyon Fairy Land Point where Royce Bair’s ebook teaches us to do lgiht painting in Bryce Canyon in a way that you can’t anywhere else in Bryce without hiking in there!

Then we do a gear time about the Neewer lights that are MUCH CHEAPER than the F&V light that we have. We are talking the difference of $30 compared to $150!

Neewer LCD Light Panel for Low-Level-Lighting: https://goo.gl/EhjL1j
F&V HI-CRI LED Light Panel: https://goo.gl/nKgW3n

Buy Royce’s super informative and educational eBook “Milky Way Nightscapes” here: https://goo.gl/7oMpk3

ALL OF JUNE to Capture a Milky Way shot somewhere you have never been before!

So as long as you have never been there before, the Milky Way Shot will count! Submit to the Facebook Page under the Contest thread that will be added ASAP! 😀 (Think Saturday the 2nd of June)

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