PODCAST 77: We discuss Rusty Parkhurst’s article 9 Tips to take your Landscape Photography to next level

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We go LIVE on Facebook for Podcast 77 and have a discussion about Rusty Parkhurst’s recent article on ImprovePhotography.com “9 Tips to take your landscape photography to the next level”. In our Landscape Photography, we all get there where we are enjoying our progress and have put in our practice of getting our f-stop right, bracketing like champs exposing for the highlights, composing great images, staying and waiting for good light and going the extra mile in our post-processing but then we hit a plateau. What can you do to get off that plateau and turn your landscape photography up to 11?

During the discussion we actually are lucky to have had the delays with the tech when trying to go live for an hour and a half! Because Rusty Parkhurst was able to join us and we got instant feedback and comments from the great guy while going through his article! Listeners and Rusty chime in all the way through this podcast and it was a lot of fun for everyone involved! This is definitely something we would like to do more of in the future!

Read the full article here: https://goo.gl/f5qfVF
Follow more of Rusty Parkhurst at http://rustyparkhurst.com/

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  1. Excellent podcast – Sorry I was not able to join you live but listen during the drive into work this morning. The content is very meaningful to me; I’m going to write down the nine steps onto a cheat sheet and refer to it often. Like most, I already do some of them, but I learned some more today. Great job guys!

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