PODCAST 76: Royce Bair | Single Image Milky Way Photography vs. Star Tracking Milky Way Photography

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Has Star Tracking made Single Image Milky Way Photography just a waste of time? The answer is NO! With Royce Bair in studio we get some pros and cons of both types of Milky Way Photography and hear from the Master Milky Way Photographer how to best take advantage of our time out there under the stars and get the most out of our images whether or not you do any star tracking.

Royce shares with us some post-processing techniques he likes to use to reduce the noise in his single image photography using Nik Collections DFine tool as well as going for the small effort of a mini stack to reduce noise.

Royce continues on to talk about his use of a astro-modded camera and the benefits that come from that as well as his rule of thumb he likes to follow for what makes an image an Single Image, Stacked, Blend or Composite. Along with that he gives his thoughts on the ethics of divulging whether someone used a composite to get an image they have shared or sold as a print.

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