PODCAST 75: Jeff Pedersen | Wildlife Photography in Africa & Selling your prints at Art Shows with the owner of Red Cliffs Photography

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Retired California Firefighter & lover of Photography in the Deserts of the Southwest, Jeff Pedersen, joins the show and shares stories and tips from his time doing Wildlife Photography in Africa and how to make money as a Photographer working in Art Shows selling your prints.

We go over our hangout with Jeff out at Death Valley and then hear his stories of being in Kenya at a Photography Tour that gave him eight days and 14 Jeep Runs to capture the beautiful animals of Africa. Hear his success stories and about the one animal that got away that has him definitely going back to Africa again! Then lastly, Jeff generously shares his top tips for handling your prints, sales and booth in order to make the most money you can out of your weekend at the art show. While it can be a great way to pay for this awesome hobby, he warns us about the investment of time, money and sweat in order to be successful.

Follow Jeff’s work over at his Facebook page & Instagram through @RedCliffsPhotography.
Or visit his website at http://redcliffsphotography.com/

ZAPP for applying to Art Shows nationwide: https://www.zapplication.org/
Pro Panels for Art Shows: https://www.propanels.com/

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