PODCAST 72: Goblin Valley Workshop & MilkyWayPhotographers.com Announcement & Celebrating Two Years of Milky Way

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Are you stoked to join us for a Milky Way Workshop this year? Hope you are crazy excited because our first one is only a month away on April 16th through April 20th! In this first Milky Way Workshop of 2018, we are taking 12 participants out to Goblin Valley State Park, Goosenecks State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument! If you have considered joining us for a workshop, seriously consider this one as we are selling it for 30% off the regular price and that price includes all travel and lodging! During the first 20 mins we share details of the four-night Milky Way Adventure and get crazy excited for the fun we are going to have with those of you lucky to join us in April!

After the first break we announce MilkyWayPhotographers.com an entertaining way for all of us Milky Way Photographers to keep up on our achievements and rank ourselves from Beginner to Master Milky Way Photographer! Check out more at http://photogadventures.com/milkywayphotographers/.

We have been going out as Photog Adventurers to the Milky Way since March 8th, 2016 and we just barely hit the milestone of two years since our very first Milky Way! Stoked about the milestone, we go over all the places we have been to do Milky Way Photography since that morning on March and recount our a few of our biggest Milky Way Moments.



Don’t know what we are talking about with Royce Bair yet? Check out our previous podcasts talking about him and two podcasts where he sat down with us and taught us and the audience Milky Way Photography!


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      Hey Rick, go to PhotogAdventures.com/Adventures and you will see the Goblin Valley link to the sales page. When you get there you will have all the information there but you will still have to click on the links there to actually sign up for the workshop. Sorry that was confusing! -Aaron

  1. I would need to know when we get back to the airport in Salt Lake City on the last day in order to make flight arrangements home

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      That is a good question, Rick! Something I should not have forgotten to mention on my own. We will be coming back that afternoon Friday the final day.

      Honestly, I would be curious if everyone would want to leave early and sleep on the way back or not. So it might depend on the group.

      That said, flights out of SLC on Friday should not be any sooner than 7pm that evening in order to give us enough time to get you back to the airport. I will have to message the group and get a feel for whether that works out okay for everyone or not.

      Our challenge is being out Thursday night so we can get in the most that we can for our fourth night and then also get some sleep before we head back to SLC. -Aaron

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      Hey Venkat!

      Yeah definitely! Facebook was a good option I am sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet. It has been crazy for me this month but I will respond to you there or you can contact me at Photog Adventures at gmail dot com. -Aaron

  2. Is this trip going to make regardless of the number of participants. I ask because the airline ticket will not be refundable. A contact phone number would be helpful.


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      Hey Rick, you make a really good point!

      Avoiding spam to my personal number I kept it off the website but you are right! I should have added it to the sales page.

      This workshop is happening either way so you WILL NOT eat your flight costs.

      Brendon and I will get you guys down there no problem. Heck it will be more of a blast for you and those already signed up if less make it! 😃

      Give me an email at PhotogAdventures at gmail dot com and let’s get in contact there. So excited to have you join us so let’s make it easier to make the decision.

      Thanks for helping me realize what I should be adding to the page to help people out better while making a decision. -Aaron

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