PODCAST 70: Cracks, Badwater, Milky Way, Racetrack Playa & the Photog Adventures Curse in Death Valley

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We spend a week in Death Valley with Jeff Pedersen and Tim McGowen doing Landscape Photography and Milky Way Photography over cracks, Badwater, Mesquite Sand Dunes, Charcoal Kilns and Racetrack Playa.

In classic Photog Adventure style the curse lives on.

February Milky Way Photography turns out to be fantastic just crazy brief and over the distant light bloom of Las Vegas. We talk about the challenges of really near foreground subjects in Milky Way Photography and remembering to focus stack!

Show notes coming to PhotogAdventures.com/ep70 soon! But I wanted to get this podcast out ASAP so I will have to beg your patience as I add it later today!

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