PODCAST 53: Hanging with Nick Page talking about his Aurora shot in the Palouse, his award winning Seagulls & Wave shot and the Auroras in Iceland

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We hang out with the ONE and ONLY Nick Page! Landscape Photographer extraordinaire and all around great guy, Nick Page joins us for a Photog Adventure Podcast to share the behind the scene stories of three amazing images. His awe-inspiring Aurora capture out in the Palouse earlier this year in May, his shot from Oregon Coast where seagulls were right on top of an incredible wave and won him #5 Landscape Photographer of the Year in the US with it and shared his experience and stories from capturing the Aurora out in Iceland.

As Nick shares his story and perseverance to get out there and get his camera to these amazing locations we pick up tips on how to prepare yourself for awesome aurora, crashing waves and how not to sleep when you really want to because the conditions are just right for an amazing night sky.


Wave Apps
Magic Seaweed: https://magicseaweed.com/
Surf Line: iOS
Windy: iOS Google

Aurora App & Website
Aurora Pro: iOS Google

Check out Nick’s Landscape Photography Podcast here: https://www.landscapephotographypodcast.com/
Check out Nick’s Tutorials, Work and Workshops here: http://www.nickpagephotography.com/

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